What our Clients have to say!

There are two things I have really liked about the designing and building process: 1. The process of picking fixtures and finishes in the home was very easy. Brookside has collected a variety of selections that offered flexibility in the look of the final product without making the number of choices overwhelming; 2. Communication from Brookside over the phone and through the app enabled us to keep track of progress on the home, which help us prepare our kids to transition into the new home, which was a priority for us. Being informed about progress helped our kids transition and settle in easily.
I was worried about whether we would be able to afford to build a house that was big enough to meet our needs and had the features we were looking for in a home. The cost of a home is significant, and I was worried about making that investment, and what the return might be. We are still new to the house, but so far it is meeting our lifestyle needs very well, and are still finding ways that our space is usable and flexible as a result of the design.